Best WIFI Speakers

Best Wifi SpeakersWiFi Speakers

Do you need WiFi speakers?

Although standard speakers help us a lot in the sound department, it can be quite hard to live with the clutter of all the wires connected to them. Standard speakers are also limited to one place.

Your laptop or mp3, have to be physically connected to the speaker for you to be able to use it. Well, you can now say goodbye to all of that. We have the solution to your problems, wireless or WiFi speakers.

WiFi speakers have become very popular nowadays. Most devices today, after all, are wireless capable. Wireless speakers have a lot of things to offer compared to the conventional speakers.

Types of WiFi Speakers

WiFi speakers have a lot of advantages. They normally fall under two classes; radio frequency and infrared. Infrared systems work just like your TV remote controls. There is a signal which is beamed between the speaker and another device. The bad thing about this type of speaker is that the sound quality can suffer on occasions.

There are a few instances of sound dropouts and if there are things between the devices, they could interfere with the signal. There should be a direct line of sight between the two devices.

On the other hand, radio frequency WiFi speakers have a signal, which will be able to go through objects and walls, but they can also be impacted by static interference which can result to problems with the sound qualities.Sony Wifi Speakers

Things to Consider when Buying WiFi Speakers

Before you go out and purchase WiFi speakers, you should know what things you should look for in a WiFi speaker and what things you should consider when buying WiFi speakers.

You want to know what the range of the speaker is. There are speakers which do not have much of a range. If you want to be able to use the speaker outside the house, you will need which has a signal which reaches a hundred feet and beyond.

Make sure that you test the speaker prior to purchasing it. There are a lot of factors which can affect the range of your speakers and they are building materials, other devices which can interfere with the signal and the house itself.

If you are purchasing outdoor WiFi speakers, you will have to check the material of the speaker. You want it to be made of weather-resistant materials so that the speaker will last a long time and will be able to withstand the abuses which Nature can give it.

The Best WiFi Speakers of 2011

Sony SANS300 Wireless Multi-Room Audio Speaker

This is a very stylish and futuristic-looking speaker which offers people a 360-degree wireless surround sound. This can be connected to your Blu-Ray disc player, media player, CD player or other storage devices. This comes with a handy remote control which offers a lot of convenience. This is compatible with VAIO Media Plus, Windows Media Players and various file formats.

Airport Express Base Station

This is a small and sleek device which can fill up even a large house with music of outstanding quality. This is smaller than most cell phones today and it has an Ethernet port, integrated 802.11g access point, mini stereo jack and a USB server. The downside to this speaker is the fact that it only works with Mac systems.

When you are connected to the Internet, this can give you the fastest streaming from ITunes. This also has additional features to offer like file sharing over a network, wireless printing and it can also give you the capability to set your WiFi network for visitors and guests.

There are many different brands of WiFi speakers available and as always we suggest doing your research before choosing a set of WiFi speakers.



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